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Version:  Schedule-004a May 15, 2021

MISGA Event Information and Sign Up
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Mixer ID: 23021091508229

AWAY Mixer at Rattlewood GC

Date:  Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Player Limit:  0*

Signup Deadline:
  12:00 PM - Saturday, September 11, 2021

  • Cost is:  $62 (Credit Card only)
  • Tee Time:  8:30 AM, with refreshments (Coffee and Donuts) approximately one hour before tee time.
  • Slope for Rattlewood GC is 124
  • Directions are on the MISGA Web Site
  • Golf Shop Phone Number:  (301) 607-9000

Club Rules: Slow play will be penalized. Soft spikes required.

Optional ($5) closest to the pin (Par 3's) Pool

Tee Choices for Rattlewood GC

Rattlewood's standard MISGA Tees for MEN are the Gold(senior) Tees (Rating=67.8; Slope=124; yards=-5,725;Par=72): Rattlewood's standard MISGA Tee for WOMEN are the Red Tees (Rating=68.4; Slope=110; yards=5092; Par=72.-- OTHER MEN'S and WOMEN'S Tee Choices are available: --NOTE: If any player elects to play from one of the OTHER Tee Choices they will have their handicap adjusted accordingly.--- OTHER MEN"S TEE CHOICES INCLUDE: Red Tees: Rating=64.7; Slope=117; yards=5092; Par=72 or Hybrid (Gold/Red) Tees: Rating= 67.1; Slope=120; yards= 5568;Par 72 or White tees: Rating=69.5; Slope=127; yards=6104; Par72;or Blue Tees: Rating=71.4; Slope=131; yards=6501; Par72. Please select R or H or W or B in Tee Choices below.--- OTHER WOMEN"S TEE CHOICES INCLUDE: Forward Tees: Rating=65.7; Slope= 100; yards= 4400(approx.); Gold Tees: Rating 73.7; Slope=117; yards=5725; Par=72, please select F or G in Tee Choices below. ------ [3/11/19--pc]

MISGA Standard Tee is 5,725 yards; 67.8/124; Par is 72.



Sign-up Closed

Contact the Hosting Pro Shop at
at the number given above.
to see if you can be added to the list.

Who's Signed Up?

(Player Limit: 0*)

Name Tee Ride Date
16 JOERDENS, TAD Red 09/10 5:15 P
15 SALOPEK, JOE 09/9 4:59 P
14 CZAJA, JOHN Red 09/9 10:51 A
13 JONES, PETE 09/9 10:45 A
12 FEDORNOCK, JOHN Red 09/7 10:35 A
11 REMSCH, DON 09/2 3:11 P
10 MCCLURE, DON 09/1 9:02 A
9 GAFKE, GARY 08/31 6:40 P
8 SMITH, DENNIS 08/28 1:59 P
7 AMARAL, MIKE Hybrid 08/27 6:08 P
6 BURKE, THOMAS 08/25 5:37 P
5 CANTRILL, JIM 08/24 10:42 A
4 ZEPP, MILTON Red 08/19 5:16 P
3 BROADWATER, MIKE 08/17 7:31 A
2 LONGACRE, GERALD Red 08/16 1:31 P
1 SIGWORTH, BOB 08/15 9:00 A