Musket Ridge GC

Version:  Schedule-003c Feb. 14, 2020

MISGA Event Information and Sign Up
(for Musket Ridge GC Members ONLY)

Mixer ID: 23220041409438

AWAY Mixer at Montgomery CC

Date:  Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Player Limit:  Unlimited

Signup Deadline:
  8:19 PM - Saturday, March 21, 2020

  • Cost is:  $55* (Cash, Check, Credit Card or Club Reciprocal)
  • Tee Time:  9:00 AM, with refreshments 8:00 AM - Serve coffee, bagels, donuts, juice. Practice range open.
  • Slope for Montgomery CC is 121
  • Directions are on the MISGA Web Site
  • Golf Shop Phone Number:  240-912-9529 ext. 2

Proper golf attire (collared shirts or mock turtle neck, slacks, or shorts) and soft 100 spikes are required. No jeans allowed.

Check in at the Pro Shop by 8:30AM

Tee Choices for Montgomery CC

MISGA Mixers Only: Women play from the Forward (Green) Tees Rating=71.7; Slope=125; yards=5,434; Par 71 and Men play from the either the SGA/MISGA (Gold/Green Blend) tees OR from the Forward (Green) tees Rating=66.4; Slope=118; yards=5,434; Par=71. If a man wants to play from the Green Tees select F in Tee Choices Below. MCC has no restrictions on choice of tee (SGA or Forward). Handicaps will beadjusted per USGA rules. Mixer handicaps are 85% for all players.

MISGA Standard Tee is 5,679 yards; 67.6/121; Par is 72.



Sign-up Closed

Contact the Host Club at
240-912-9529 ext. 2
to see if you can be added to the list.

Who's Signed Up?

(Player Limit: Unlimited)

Name Tee Ride Date
8 FITZWILLIAM, GARY 03/18 6:52 A
7 HOFFMEYER, DON 03/15 7:07 P
6 HAGERTY, MARK 03/15 9:11 A
5 HANAU, STEVE 03/15 2:15 A
4 KING, CHARLIE 03/14 2:35 P
3 TAYLOR, TOM F 03/14 12:17 P
2 KAHMER, ROBERT 03/14 11:46 A
1 RAYFORD, MARK 03/14 9:45 A