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Version:  Schedule-001 02/05/2019

MISGA Event Information and Sign Up
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Mixer ID: 44319051409435

Mixer at Kenwood Golf & Country Club

Date:  Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Player Limit:  0*

Signup Deadline:
  12:00 PM - Saturday, May 11, 2019

  • Cost is:  $56 (Cash (Reciprocity where applicable))
  • Tee Time:  9:00 AM, with refreshments Available one hour prior to tee time.
  • Slope for Kenwood Golf & Country Club is 118
  • Directions are on the MISGA Web Site
  • Golf Shop Phone Number:  (301) 320-3605

* Due to cancelations and/or extra room in the field, additional players may be allowed

Kenwood is a soft-spike only course, and a local rule allows for range finding devices like the Sky Caddie. Also, Kenwood has adopted a 4.5-hour Pace-of-Play rule. Groups that take longer than 4.5 hours will not be eligible for prize money.

Tee Choices

All play for men is from the Gold Tees (5510 yards, 67.4 rating, 118 slope). Women play from the Red tees, 5254 yards, 70.4 rating and 126 slope. (J_Jacobi_1_Dec_2018)

MISGA Standard Tee is 5510 yards; 67.4/118; Par is 70.  



Sign-up Closed

Contact the Host Club at
(301) 320-3605
to see if you can be added to the list.

Who's Signed Up?

(Player Limit: 0*)

Name Tee Ride Date
5 MARTIN, MIKE G 05/12 10:10 A
4 SNYDER, WALLY G 05/5 2:05 P
3 COLIGAN, JOHN G 04/26 10:25 A
2 PALMER, GARY G 04/18 10:33 P
1 WILES, RON 04/11 4:41 P