Timbers at Troy GC

Version:  Schedule-003c Feb. 14, 2020

MISGA Event Information and Sign Up
(for Timbers at Troy GC Members ONLY)

Mixer ID: 64720052609443

AWAY Mixer at Blue Mash

Date:  Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Player Limit:  Unlimited

Signup Deadline:
  12:00 PM - Thursday, May 21, 2020

  • Cost is:  $60 (Cash or Credit Card)
  • Tee Time:  9:00 AM, with refreshments
  • Slope for Blue Mash is 118
  • Directions are on the MISGA Web Site
  • Golf Shop Phone Number:  301-670-1966

Tee Choices for Blue Mash

Ladies play from the RED Tees: Rating=68.7; Slope=120; yds=4,966; Par=72. Men play from the MISGA Standard Forward GREEN Tees: Rating=66.8; Slope=118; yds= 5,438; Par=71. Men also have the option to play the longer White Tees Rating=68.8; Slope=122; yds=6,001; Par=71. Select White, Green below. SCS 2/22/2019

MISGA Standard Tee is 5,438 yards; 66.8/118; Par is 71.



Sign-up Closed

Contact the Host Club at
to see if you can be added to the list.

Who's Signed Up?

(Player Limit: Unlimited)

Name Tee Ride Date
5 SWANA, MARK 04/24 10:20 A
4 CANNON, RICK W 04/24 10:06 A
3 TEPE, JIM 04/24 10:01 A
2 WATTS, T 04/22 3:24 P
1 XIFO, RON G 04/21 8:29 P